Youth 17 and under

Kidz Roc showcases musically gifted kids from around the world age 17 and under. Kidz Roc was created for our youth, not as a competition but based on talent and designed to encourage the pursuit of dreams both in front and behind the camera. We believe by involving our youth in children's television and film productions as interns we enable them to explore their dreams and future possibilities today not tomorrow. 


Adults 18 and over

Adults 18 and over can intern in-house and for many different productions alongside professionals in the fields of •Camera operators •

Set design •

Staging •

Sound •

Costume •

Hair and Makeup.


Adults 55 and over

Dakar works with adults of all ages.

Adults age 55 and older have an opportunity to

intern with our professional cast

and crew on and off stage. 


Community and Youth Goals

Dakar has an extensive

history of working with gifted youth

from middle school through high school.

Year after year we continue to

offer youth in the ability

to intern and become a part of our family.

We are advocates for intern programs and artist development.  

We believe in the growth of the film and arts community within the community. A belief that leads us to open our doors not only to youth, but also the community’s residents introduction to the film, stage and television world.  

During these introductions, we encourage the public to pursue their interests, no matter what age or skill level. Individuals who have had experience with Dakar’s programs have come to learn our rich history of values and integrity in the media industry. 

We are proud to give individuals regardless of their age, the experience needed for them to begin their careers locally and abroad.

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